Sudanese Physician Honored in Abuja

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Khartoum, July 21 (SUNA) - In the presence of more than 2,000 doctors, Dr. Osman al-Tayib Osman was honored at the Nigerian National Tuberculosis Conference Thursday in Abuja as a result of his efforts in the fight against the treatment- resistant tuberculosis in Nigeria.  Dr. Osman said, in statement to SUNA, that he received a number of ertificates of appreciation throughout his career, but the honor he received in Nigeria is a proud to him because it came as the result of the great role he played in the establishment and success of the treatment program on the treatment- resistant tuberculosis that was killing thousands of patients in Nigeria. That was due to the establishment of several special centers and then start the program alongside organization of training sessions to build capacity of several doctors.  Dr. Osman, who is the Director of the Damien Foundation Belgium in Nigeria, received a number of certificates of appreciation and has practical experience. He also implemented a number of programs for tuberculosis resistant to treatment in a number of countries including Russia, Myanmar and Uzbekistan, in addition to the implementation of a number of training sessions and provision of therapeutic assistance for various African countries including Botswana, Mozambique, Eritrea, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ghana.