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Suna Forum

Established in 1991, SUNA forum is the first such news service in Sudan. It depends on inviting speakers and media institutions to attend reviews from speakers on specific topics in all aspects of life; politics, economics, social welfare and sports. SUNA forum provides press services, special coverages for all institutions ,governmental or private, agencies, parties and societies. The forum invites journalistic institutions whose many of their reporters attend the forum.

Important services of forum :

  • A hall well equipped to hold press conferences with a capacity of 80 people.
  • Vip hall for 10 people.
  • Electronic screen for presentation.
  • TV, radio coverage via local and international satellite channels and news agencies.
  • Coverage via local newspapers in Sudan.
  • via websites of, SUNA, African Union news agencies and the Islamic news agency.
  • Documentation for the press conference by video photographing.

Privileges and extra services of the forum : It provides:

  • Video conference optionally.
  • Broadcast the forum via blue Nile satellite TV.

Required administrative and financial measures :

  • Booking letter including speakers ,the topic and the date of the forum.
  • Paying 2500 SDGs in advance.
  • In case of broadcasting via blue Nile Channel :
    • If it is live the cost is 15,000 SDGs.
    • if it is documentary the cost is 7500 SDGs.
  • payment have to be in advance cash or by Cheque to , SUNA.

To contact :

  • Phone : 0912221958, 0911250175
  • E-mail : sunapr2011@gmail.com