FM: Momin is not Neglected in Doha

2020-02-16 20:34:41.260 | view 171 | share : |


Khartoum, Feb. 16 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday issued a statement on reports circulated in the media concerning the situation of Sudanese communities and embassies abroad, with special emphasis to the difficulties facing the child Momin Tajal-Sir who tried to issue his passport via the Sudanese embassy in Doha.

 The Ministry confirmed that it will spare no effort to assist the citizens outside Sudan to overcome their difficulties.

The statement said it would like to refer to the statement issued by child’s father, which has cleared the embassy of any shortcoming about his son.

The statement outlined that the child's father clarified the the facts and explaining that his child is in a good health and the Sudanese Embassy in Doha gave him a document in order to issue the residence permit, but the matter needs to be in accordance with the laws and that the embassy is in contact with the hospital  until the national number issued in the hospital.

According to the child father, the passport procedures and coordination took place between the embassy and the hospital, and for technical reasons it was agreed to send him in an ambulance in the second day, where he found the embassy with all its staff waiting for us.