Tawfiq: Religious Freedoms strengthen cultures and democracies

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Khartoum, Oct.26 (SUNA) – Unity International Organization Chairman, Tawfiq Osman has underlined that the religious freedoms strengthen cultures and provide base for stable democracies including the civil society and socio- economic development.

Tawfiq addressing the launching of the Religious Freedoms Roundtable, at the Friendship Hall, Monday, said most of the religious leaders, during the defunct regime, were facing many problems concerning the religious freedoms and believes.

William Deflene welcomed the launching of the roundtable in Khartoum, thanking the different participants, friends, imams, the representatives of churches and civil society organizations.

“The roundtable was supposed to be launched in last March but it was delayed because the outbreak of COVID-19 and the recent floods in Sudan” He said.

He underlined that the UN Secretary General has pointed out that the freedom of believe and religion are included in the international law.