SUNA celebrates launching of new website

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Khartoum, Oct. 28 (SUNA) - The Sudan News Agency (SUNA) launched today its new website and operating system and received modern technical equipment as a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and support from TD Global firm as part of boosting projects of the transition and capacity building of media in Sudan.

The launching ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture and Information Faisal Mohamed Salih and prime minister’s senior adviser Al-Shiekh Khidhir besides was present Ms. Lisa Witte Acting USAID Mission Director and Mr. William Ethridge DT Global.  

The Director General of Sudan News Agency, Mohamed Abdulhamid, indicated that the value of the US grant amounted to $161,000 US dollars paid directly to the companies that supplied servers, information centers and their technical accessories, and the design of the new website with excellent capabilities that accommodates all activities carried out by the news agency.

He said that it is fortunate that this simple ceremony was the first meeting between Sudanese and American officials after the name of Sudan was removed from the list of terrorism, held at the premises of SUNA, the main sources of news in Sudan.

 He explained that the new website and the equipment received by the agency will improve the overall performance of the agency and ensure the safety of information, data and archives of the agency, and all data will be in the possession and control of the agency.

The Director General of Sudan News Agency expressed thanks to the US donor agency and the office of the Prime Minister who supported SUNA at this critical stage in Sudan’s history and its Glorious Revolution.

The Minister of Culture and Information Faisal Mohamed Salih, on his part, expressed satisfaction over the great development SUNA witnesses, saying the news agency since its establishment has been one of the most advanced of its kind in the Arab and African area at the technical and professional levels, lauding the accuracy that characterizes SUNA and the role it plays in training in this field.

SUNA has the necessary technical infrastructure and cadres for living up to its role in high professionalism thanks to its director general and working cadres, the minister added.

He pointed out that the new website is considered as a quality shift for SUNA concerning technologies, pointing out that the news agency would witness further development during the coming period.

For her part, The Assistant Director of USAID expressed happiness that SUNA website is now ready and indicated that she is looking with interest at the essential role played by SUNA because free media plays an important role in enlightening society and holding the government accountable for its performance and that it is a cornerstone of a democratic society.

She indicated that SUNA is now capable to keep and secure its information in the presence of strong and secure servers, voicing pleasure over the role that SUNA plays in enlightening the society.