Medani,Gazira state, 18-1-2020 (SUNA) - The National Institute for Cancer on Saturday said there is an increase in the reported outpatient cancer cases in the country, with 3,000 reported in 2019 compared to 2,500 cases in 2018  

Dr Nada Osman Yusuf, the Director of the Cancer institute explained that the increase is due to the spread of public awareness about the disease and its symptoms as well as to the use of advanced technology in the diagnosis of the disease, with people reporting at early stages of the disease.

She said there were no direct reason for the increase of the reported cases but stressed such habits as smocking, using tobacco snuffing, and consuming insecticide contaminated foods and chemically treated junky foods contribute to the disease spreading.

She said the institute receives most of the cases in the country, mostly from Khartoum and other states but also from outside the Sudan. She said the reputation of the institute-hospital was thanks to the stable and qualified medical cadres and the use of high technology in the diagnosis and the treatment as well. She said treatment is provided for all male, female, children and adults beside the provision of moral support in the treatment of the patients.

She said those who come to the institute received good treatment and those who are outside the health insurance umbrella receive support from the institute provided by the friends of the institutive the (RAMA) society. However she said the society is currently in need of assistance to help support patients who do not have the adequate resources for securing treatment.

She said the institute which currently employees 7 specialist, including two for treatment of children with tumor and 5 for treatment of adults, suffer from leakage of it top specialists who leave the institute to work abroad.


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