Dubai-5-2-2020 (SUNA) - The Arab Women Authority has completed the last preparations to launch the largest international campaign to work on the deployment of centers for early detection of breast cancer in the least developed countries that suffer from the fragility of health systems and the lack of medical and educational services as a result of neglecting early detection for women in those countries, including Sudan.

Dr. Russull Al-Nuaimi, the official spokeswoman for the Arab Women’s Authority, said that a meeting headed by Mohamed Al-Dulaimi, Secretary General of the Authority, discussed all the preparations related to the arrangements for this major campaign.

 Among these initiatives  will be introduction of educational and media program  by Fadia Al-Tawil, about  the dangers of women slow in carrying out early detection beside hosting cases on a well-known TV channel, which contributes to  raising interest and providing better care by international organizations and institutions.

She added that the campaign that will start on February 22nd will witness participation of celebrities in areas of art, culture and creativity in the Arab world to highlight the noble and humanitarian goals of the campaign with the participation of a number of strategic partners, including the World Health Organization (WHO), prominent media institutions, international associations and women's organizations in the world.

The campaign will be accompanied by media programs and awareness materials in a number of Arab and African countries to increase the awareness and prevent this deadly disease.

It is worth noting that the campaign aims in its first year to establish, equip and manage five centers for early detection of breast cancer in Sudan, Comoros, Guinea, Niger and Senegal.



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