Khartoum, March 11 (SUNA) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi has commended the great accomplishments and recent cocaine seizures made by the Sudan Customs Authority at Khartoum Airport.


The minister was briefed by the Head of the Sudan Customs Authority on the organizational structure of the Customs Authority, which consists of four public departments: the General Administration of Public Affairs, the General Administration for Smuggling, the General Administration of Customs Operations and the General Administration of Commitment and Facilitation.

Dr. Al-Badawi also visited a mini exhibition containing seizures in the recent months, which were (various narcotic pills, free currencies and attempts to smuggle gold in different forms and ways).

Dr. Al-Badawi expressed his pleasure on this visit, which came within the framework of raising the morale of customs officials and examining the recent accomplishments, seizures and smuggling attempts, affirming his ministry’s support for customs to carry out their duties in a proper way, praising the great efforts made by the customs authority in combating smuggling, protecting the economy and achieving the planned revenues.

For his part, the Head of the Sudan Customs Authority Lt. Gen. Police Dr. Bashir Al-Tahir Bashir explained that the Khartoum Airport Customs was a main station and a wall against any smuggling operations that take place at the airport by some passengers, explaining that the last seizure is considered a qualitative and modern seizure, as a woman was arrested carrying six and a half kilograms of cocaine anesthetic.


He revealed that the Sudan Customs Authority have been using, despite the development of smuggling methods, the latest systems to detect such threats through continuous training,  excellent experience of its forces and the introduction of the latest programs and applications according to the requirements of the World Customs Organization, disclosing that there are personal detection devices that will be launched during the next few days, X-ray detection and the use of police dogs to detect drug trafficking in particular, stressing that the customs forces are professionally qualified to carry out their duties, calling on the customs staff to preserve the capabilities of the country and do their best to detect such harmful substances to the human beings.


For his part, the Director of the Khartoum Airport Customs Department Brig. Police Tariq Abdel-Hamid said, in a statement to the police press office, that the seizure was in the possession of a foreign woman under the pretext that she is coming to the country for work about ten days. He explained that the seizure was carried out by the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers who were present in the Arrival Hall, in full coordination with the drugs and toxins branch of the Khartoum Airport Customs Department, customs police dogs and the General Administration of Criminal Evidence-Criminal Laboratories Department.




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