Khartoum, May 4 (SUNA) - The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, on bases of the provisions of the Constitutional Document organizing the Transitional Period, the Transitional Cabinet decision No. (70) for the year 2019, and the Sovereign Council decision No. (274) for the year 2020, and on base of the outcomes of the meeting of the Higher Committee for Economic Emergencies on April 25,  the Prime Minister issued the following decisions:

1-      The formation of a gold exchange, to consider the representation the competent authorities therein, and to unify the gold price with the international price.

2-      2- The Cancelation of the exemption of (10%) of the export revenues to cover the required drugs, and to be replaced by the imposition of a tax or fee on exporters and suppliers, and to work for tightening measures over the control of exports.

3-      3- The Cancelation of all customs exemptions, except those contradict with the international agreements.

4-      4- the a location of  (10%) of the seizures of the smuggled goods for incentivizing  workers guarding the entrances, ports, borders, and preventing smuggling, with taking arrangements for the implementation of  the principle of integrity in state regulations, and enhancing the ethical dimension, leading to the complete abolition of the incentive system.

5- Allow the entrance of trailers, with taking all control measures to ensure compliance with freight rates in order to avoid manipulation.

6- The establishment of an investment fund in which the national private sector participates, along with a sovereign fund to deposit donations in foreign and local currency.

The decision has directed the General Secretariat of the Sovereign Council, the ministries of "Cabinet Affairs, Finance and Economic Planning, Industry and Trade, Interior and Federal Governance", the Central Bank of Sudan and other relevant bodies to take procedures for the implementation of the decision.


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