Al-Geneina , Feb.4 (SUNA), The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC), Mr. Muhammad Alfaki Suleiman, said that the sit-in in El-Geneina reflects the civilized image and the great legacy of the glorious December revolution, praising the peacefulness of the sit-in and its legitimate demands.

Alfaki announced  while addressing the protesters in the sit-in square in the Naseem neighborhood in the city of El Geneina, that the federal delegation that arrived the state today came with a mandate from the Security and Defense Council to consider the demands of the protesters  and work for meeting   them as legitimate demands.

He added, “These demands cannot be implemented between day and night, but will be fulfilled. Responding to it in a gradual manner, "adding that the delegation came to solve the problem and find radical solutions to it.

Regarding the protesters call to relieve  the state Wali (governor), Alfaki said that the federal government  does not impose rulers on states, indicating that the Walis  are brought by the will of the people and  that the glorious December revolution placed the popular will above all will.

Alfaki disclosed that; organizing and arranging the camps for the displaced is among the priorities of the state, indicating that this work will be done in coordination with the donors, and he said that Juba agreement will contribute in addressing the issue of these camps.

Mr. Muhammad alfaki Suleiman,  received a memorandum from the protesters containing their demands.

For his part, The Second Commander of the Rapid Support Forces,  Lt. Gen. Abdul-Rahim Daglo, called on the protesters to open streets so that strategic goods flow to the citizens in the state of West Darfur, stressing the state’s commitment to meet the demands of the sit-in and respond to their grievances.

Daglo said that, the sit-in in El Geneina is a legal one  and  expresses legitimate demands that they missed throughout the era of the former regime, and he saluted the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution and the martyrs of Al-Geneina events.

He  said that the delegation will meet with the representatives of sit-in committees in order to discuss their demands so as to  study and implement them until life returns to normalcy  and people can go to the construction and development.

The official spokesman of  El Geneina sit-in;  Muhammad Zain Idris, presented a list of 17 demands , top of which are the dismissal of the Wali of the state besides  removing  the camps of the displaced from the entrances to the city in addition to secure markets and the imposition of the  state authority , and also the call for the government to take care of the families of the martyrs who fell in the events of El Geneina among other demands.


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