Khartoum, Oct. 14 (SUNA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok has affirmed that this year’s summer agricultural season in the country tends to be historic in terms of production and productivity.

Hamdok wrote on his Facebook page that the Council of Ministers was assured yesterday on the progress of the summer agricultural season, “which tends to be historic in terms of production and productivity, and we have seen a good preparation for the winter agricultural season.”

Dr. Hamdok went on to say in his statement that “we have cultivated about 54 million feddans in the country, including more than 1.5 million feddans of cotton, launching the government's strategic direction to return to the international cotton market after a long absence that had resulted from dysfunctional consumer economic policies.”

He stated that what has been achieved in the agricultural sector so far is a direct result of the government's macroeconomic reform package, adding that this achievement can be repeated in the rest of the sectors in the country by addressing the political crisis facing the country and elevating the national interest over anything else.

The Prime Minister pointed out that before achievement of the economic reforms, the exchange rate movement used to occur for the simplest reasons, but now, despite what the country is going through during the past few weeks in various states and the political crisis, the overall indicators are still stable, and this indicates that reforms are no longer easy to be affected.

Hamdok added that they also got acquainted with the preparation for the winter agricultural season, during which “we will encourage cultivation of more than 880,000 feddans of wheat to ensure food security for our people along with some other crops.”

He said that all these achievements in the agricultural sector are a direct result of the concerted efforts between many state institutions, farmers and partners, a matter that affirms the importance of joint work and upholding the interests of the homeland.


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