Khartoum, Oct. 20 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hassan Al-Taayeshi,  met on Wednesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the British envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Robert Fairweather, in the context of the session of the Sudanese – British strategic dialogue, which aims to strengthening the cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

Al-Taayeshi briefed the British envoy on the challenges facing the civil democratic transition process in the country, and the ways to face them to complete the whole transition tasks leading to the elections.

He also informed the British envoy on the situation of implementing the Juba agreement for peace in Sudan and the future plan to complete the peace process.

The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council has informed the British envoy on the government plan and vision to communicate with the SPLM – North, led by Abdulaziz Al-Hilu, and the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour, to complete the peace process.

On his part, the British envoy affirmed his country's commitment to continue support to Sudan and make the democratic transition process a success, and to boost the Sudanese government efforts to achieve peace with all armed factions.


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