Khartoum, Oct.24 (SUNA)-The Solidarity of Civil Society for Human Rights ,non-governmental  and non-profit national network, has  demanded   in a statement issued today, commitment to slogans of the glorious December revolution  and keeping its gains and democratic track as well as handing over those who wanted  to  the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The statement also called for full commitment to implementation of the Constitutional Document, and to speeding up  completion of the transitional authority structures, stressing importance of a commitment to peacefulness  and  peaceful transfer of power and  renunciation of violence, hatred, and tribal and regional strife.

"Our country is going through a dangerous juncture and a critical stage in the transitional period. The parties must exercise self-restraint and spreading the spirit of patriotism among the components of society," the statement said.

The statement added that the Solidarity was formed from a group of human rights organizations that came together to defend the national issues and free interaction with the current political situation.



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