Gedaref, Nov. 11 (SUNA) – A vaccination campaign against coronavirus disease starts in the refugee camps in Al-Tunadeba and Umm Rakouba and the refugee reception center at town 8 in Al-Fashqa in the State of Gedaref, next Sunday, after the appearance of cases of infection at the camps.

Director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health in the state Hamouda Ali Hammouda pointed out in a statement to SUNA today that the campaign targets more than 20,000 refugees in those camps to control the spread of the pandemic, in cooperation with the organizations operating in the state.

Hammouda revealed that Gedaref State recorded 30 cases of coronavirus infection during the past two weeks to date, noting that the Ministry of Health has made arrangements and measures to limit the spread of Corona through the application of preventive instructions campaigns, the use of masks, social distancing and hand washing, in addition to sterilization operations, and health promotion in educating citizens through the media.


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