Khartoum, Nov. 16 (SUNA) - President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan has commended the historical relations linking Sudan and the United States of America, and reiterated his keenness to develop and boost them further to serve the common interests of the two countries.

This came when Al-Burhan met at the Republican Palace today with US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee and her accompanying delegation, in the presence of acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq, and Chargé d’Affaires of the American Embassy in Khartoum Brian Shukan.

The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council affirmed their adherence to the Constitutional Document, and conducting a comprehensive dialogue with all political forces to complete the structures of the transitional authority, and to make the democratic transition process in the country a success, leading to free and fair elections in July of the year 2023.

Al-Burhan reiterated the military component's unwillingness to continue in power, and its readiness and openness to lead a dialogue without conditions, conducive to bringing about stability and development in the country, stressing its keenness to secure the transitional period, preserve national security, maintain the rule of law and prevent the country from slipping into disorder and chaos.

The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council explained that the corrective process that took place in the country on October 25 was necessary as a result of the differences in the political arena, in addition to foreign interference with some political forces, which negatively affected the performance during the transitional period.

Regarding the political detainees, Al-Burhan said that steps for their release have already begun, and that any detainee who is not proven guilty of a criminal offense will be released.

For her part, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs heard the political vision presented by the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council on the democratic path and reaching free and fair elections, pointing to the United States' keenness and support for the democratic transformation of the country and the success of the transitional period, so that Sudan can present a role model in the region.

She drew attention to President Joe Biden's personal interest in what is going on in Sudan and his keenness to make the transitional period a success and lead to the desired democracy.

The US Assistant Secretary of State praised the role played by the Armed Forces during the December revolution by aligning with the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

She explained that what happened on October 25 was the result of failures during the last period, noting that they know that some political forces support the corrective step.

The US Assistant Secretary of State expressed hope that the Sudanese would be able to resolve the current differences by themselves, noting that the role of the United States is confined to reform and facilitating dialogue between them.


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