Khartoum, Nov. 21 (SUNA) – A political agreement was signed today at the Republican Palace between the President of the Sovereignty Council, Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan and Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, stipulating the cancellation of the decision to relieve Prime Minister Hamdok as the agreement affirmed that the constitutional document 2019, the 2020 amendment, is the main reference in place for completing the transitional period, taking into account the special situation in Eastern Sudan and working together to address it within a national framework that ensures stability in a way that satisfies the people of the east.

The agreement stressed the need to amend the Constitutional Document by consensus to achieve and guarantee comprehensive political participation for all components of the society except for the dissolved National Congress.

The two parties affirmed that the existing transitional partnership between civilians and the military is the guarantor and way to the stability and security of Sudan, and accordingly the two parties agreed to implement the partnership in a spirit of confidence with full commitment to the formation of a civilian government of independent national competencies (technocrats). And that the Transitional Sovereignty Council is supervising the implementation of the tasks of the transitional period contained in Article (8) of the Constitutional Document without direct interference in the executive work.

The agreement indicated that the administration of the transitional period should be based on a political declaration that defines the framework of partnership between the national forces (political and civil, the military component, the native administration, resistance committees, the active forces of the revolution, youth and women sectors.

The agreement also affirmed the release of all political detainees and the implementation of Juba Peace Agreement.

It called for the urgent completion of all institutions of the transitional government by forming the Legislative Council and the Constitutional Court and appointing the Chief Justice and the Attorney General, and successive formation  of the commissions and other transitional institutions that shall assume their tasks immediately according to specific timetables.

The agreement stipulated initiation of a broad and transparent dialogue between all political and societal forces and the active forces of the revolution, establishing the constitutional conference.

The two parties stressed the need to restructure the committee to dismantle the June 30 regime and review its performance in the previous period, while providing it with qualified cadres in the necessary disciplines and expertise that would enable it to perform its work promptly and fairly, with activating the Appeals Committee and reviewing its decisions in accordance with the legally established degrees of litigation.

This in addition to investigating the incidents that took place during the demonstrations of injuries and deaths of civilians and soldiers, and bringing the perpetrators to trial.

The agreement stressed the importance of building a unified national army.


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