Khartoum, Nov. 27 (SUNA) - The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has managed to implement the first joint operation between INTERPOL and AFRIPOL to seize medicines and equipment for combating coronavirus pandemic that do not conform to standards and health requirements, as part of the efforts of CID to fight crime in all its forms.

In this regard, the Consumer Protection Department has participated in the first joint operation to be implemented by INTERPOL and AFRIPOL in the region related to monitoring and control of medicines and equipment to combat covid-19 that do not conform to medical standards, code-named Flash, with the participation of (31) countries and that the operation was carried locally with participation from the Consumer and Environmental Protection Department, Interpol and a representative from the Ministry of Health.

 According to follow-ups of the Police Press Office, a joint team was formed from the Department and the Pharmacy Department in Khartoum State, for the purpose of inspecting and controlling medicines and equipment to combat the pandemic.

The joint team reviewed a number of factories and companies operating in this field, and through monitoring and information gathering, the team was able to seize two sterilizer factories at Jabra area, south of Khartoum, as it turned out that they were working without approval from the competent authorities and in a very bad environment.

Reporting procedures have been taken against the owners of the factories under Article (31)-standards and seizure of all products of these factories and taking samples from them for the purpose of examining them.


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