Khartoum, Nov 28 (SUNA) - The Supreme Committee for Corona Emergency in Khartoum State decided in its meeting today headed by the A Governor of Khartoum State, Ahmed Othman Hamza, to increase awareness and commitment to health precautions to confront Corona, after hearing a report from the Ministry of Health in Khartoum State that confirmed the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Bushra Hamid, representative of Khartoum State in the Supreme Committee to Confront Corona, said that Khartoum State is facing a significant increase in infections and deaths due to Corona, in addition to the great fears of the South African mutant, the deadliest in humans.

Bushra added that at the top of these measures is to call on all citizens to vaccinate against Corona, adhere to masks, social distancing, and stay away from mass gatherings.

Dr. Mohieldin Hassan Haj Hamad, director of the isolation centers at the Ministry of Health in Khartoum state, said that there is a significant increase in infection with the Corona virus, as the infection rate among suspects has reached 80%, or eight infected people out of every ten suspects, and that the isolation centers are completely full, and there are 6 primary centers and 3 secondary centers with a capacity of 290 beds, and 70 beds for intensive care are full.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Vaccination Department called on citizens to be keen on vaccination, as it is the currently available means of preventing corona, and said that centers and vaccines are available in all 240 vaccination centers.


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