Khartoum, Jan. 26 (SUNA) - The National Press and Press Publications Council has renewed the license of Al-Jazeera TV channel’s office in Khartoum, and all  the channels of the network, except for "Al-Jazeera Live "Mubasher), which was recently revoked.

The Secretary-General of the National Press and Press Publications Council, Dr. Abdul-Azim Awad, received in his office Wednesday the Director of Al-Jazeera office in Khartoum, Al-Masalami Al-Kabbashi, and conveyed to him the professional observations on the performance of Al-Jazeera Live, which led to cancellation of the license granted to it, warning that it is still broadcasting from Khartoum through special means and outside the official frameworks agreed upon under the license, in a manner closer to piracy.


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