Khartoum, Apr.20(SUNA)-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has  condemned with he strongest possible terms what some extremists in Sweden did by burning copies of the Holy Qur’an, which is considered a deliberate offense, aggressive behavior and disregard for Muslims’ feelings during the holy  month of Ramadan.

The Minister underscored in a statement issued today that the  limits of freedom of expression should not go beyond infringing the rights of others and provoking their feelings, which contradicts all religious values and principles, human rights principles and fundamental freedoms stipulated in treaties and charters, and fuels feelings of hatred and violence and undermines peaceful coexistence.

. The Ministry indicated in its statement  to  danger of acts  of inciting hatred and provoking religious feelings that inflame feelings of hostility and division in societies and offend the values of freedom and their human meanings and serve only the agendas of extremism and counter-extremism.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs renewed  its firm stance  and rejection  to  insulting of religions and beliefs and  it warned  against  repetition of this extremist act.


أخبار ذات صلة