Khartoum, Apr.21(SUNA)-The Chairman  of Revolutionary Association for Construction(RAC), Engineer Anwar Al Siddiq said the Association  is working to make use of the youth capabilities  in building better future, specially that Sudan, according to the international classification, is considered a “young country ”  as youth constitute over  60% of its population   

Addressing  the First Thought Symposium  about the “Organizational Culture of the Revolutionary Thought” organized by the  Revolutionary Association for Construction today, Al-Siddiq added that this symposium  would be followed by other symposiums with aim of reaching a joint vision that meets  the youth aspirations in the various  fields , stressing the importance of  concerted efforts for the sake of better Sudan and brighter future.

Al-Siddiq added that the Revolutionary Association  for Construction aims  to build a Sudan in which everyone enjoys freedom, peace and justice, especially that real construction comes through work and proper planning in various domains, and that Sudan has been suffering from the lack of plans and programs for generations for which all projects have been remained unimplemented.

. He  referred to active  role of the Sudanese youth  in various fields, pointing out  to  importance of having plans and programs that fulfill the requirements of the current  stage.


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