Khartoum, May 9 (SUNA)- The political Secretary of the Revolutionary Front, which is headed by Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, Khalid Shawish, said that the Revolutionary Front welcomes the tripatite mechanism's initiative concerning the near of launching dialogue between the Sudanese parties. Interviewed by SUNA, Shawish pointed out that the Revolutionary Front has met with the mechanism, a number of political parties and others in this regard, revealing that the motives which urged the mechanism to launch the initiative included the necessity to provide a suitable atmosphere for success of the dialogue's efforts between parties, represented in the lifting of the state of emergency, the release of political detainees and cancellation of the laws restricting freedoms. He expressed his view that it is very difficult to reach to quick accord at the parties' side regarding the four tracks determined by the tripartite mechanism, which are the constitutional arrangements, the agreement on a specific criteria for choosing the Prime Minister, in addition to setting a program to address urgent needs and a timetable to hold the elections. The political secretary of the front added that it is important for the United Nations that a Sudanese - Sudanese dialogue shall take place, therefore, the Sudanese people shall avail themselves this opportunity to to unite their rank after a long-time rift.


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