Algiers, May 11 (SUNA)- The Minister of  Investment, Ihlam Medani Mahdi, affirmed in her address on Tuesday to Africa Forum for Investment and Trade in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, that the forum aims to reaching to a more cohesive economic future for Africa that copes with all aspirations and capabilities in the international economic arena.

The forum was also aimed to support the economic relations, and provides a good opportunity to study the specialized economic development  projects, and the exchange of views between government’s officials and private sector on the proposed cooperation fields.   



She underlined that the unique geographic position and the vast resources  of Sudan qualifies it to be the world food basket and an important center for the exchange of goods and services.   

The Minister of  Investment stressed the importance of encourage the cooperation initiatives and the economic partnership between the African countries in facing the challenges and the international economic transformation to achieve common interests.    

She pointed out that Sudan has become ready to attract all trends for investment in the agricultural, industrial, tourism fields, besides  the infrastructural projects, reviewing the reforms that have been carried out by the government to attract investors, enactment of laws that are encouraging to investment, pointing to the readiness of her ministry to receive direct investments in preparation of the coming stage of economic groupings that necessitates African economic integration.


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