Khartoum, May 12 (SUNA) – The Advisor of the President of the Republic of South Sudan for Security Affairs, Tut Galwak, Thursday afternoon arrived in Khartoum holding a written message from President Salva Kiir to the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, dealing with the bilateral relations between Sudan and South Sudan and ways of consolidating them.

He was received at Khartoum Airport by the acting Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ali Al-Saddiq, and the Secretary General of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Al-Ghali Ali Yousif.

In a press statement at the airport, Galwak said that he will discuss with Sudanese officials during the visit a number of issues of mutual concern, including the peace issues in the two countries, as well as joint cooperation in the economic and political fields.

He noted that the visit aims also to review the progress in the implementation of the Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan, and informing the Sudanese leadership of the progress made by the parties in the Republic of South Sudan regarding implementation of the revitalized Juba Agreement, given that Sudan is a guarantor of the agreement’s implementation.

He said that he will discuss with the Sudanese officials the issue of the economic and trade cooperation, including the opening of the joint border to ease the trade flow, adding the Minister of Finance, who is accompanying him, will discuss with his Sudanese counterpart details of the economic cooperation.

Galwak indicated that he will be informed during the visit on the situation in Sudan, especially in light of the political activity witnessed in the Sudanese arena, stressing that the stability of the situation in Sudan and South Sudan is indivisible due to the close ties between the two countries.

He added that he will meet during the visit with the President and the  Vice – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council.


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