Meroe, May 16 (SUNA) - Merowe International Airport has received the Bulgarian teenager pilot Mack Rutherford,16 years, who flies a small plane that was made especially for him to fly solo around the world to set a Guinness World Record for the youngest pilot in the world.

The young pilot was received by officials of Merowe Airport, the media and other parties concerned with aviation.

Mack Rutherford expressed his pleasure over the warm welcome that he received in the moment of his landing at Merowe Airport.

The Director of the airport, Mohamed Salih Hassan, has welcomed Rutherford's flight, underlining that his flight represents an outstanding addition to informing about Merowe Airport.

He added that the coming stage will witness the inauguration of Merowe Aviation College and rehabilitation of the airport.

It is to be noted that the previous flight stations for the young pilot included Egypt, Greece in route to the Kenya capital, Nairobi via Sudan.


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