Khartoum, May 19 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced in strong worded statement issued, today the speech of the Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Demke Mokenen, before his country’s parliament on 17/5/2022 regarding the Sudanese region of Al-Fashqa, which was based on incorrect and misleading information and in violation of Ethiopia’s recognition of what was stated in the agreement 1902 and the 1903 Protocol on setting border signs between the two countries.

“Sudan would like to emphasize that the deployment of its security forces within its borders is an integral part of its exercise of sovereignty over its territory and the control of its internationally recognized borders”the ministry said.

The FM statement also emphasizes the depth of the deep-rooted brotherly relations and ties between the Sudanese and Ethiopian peoples, calling on the sisterly Federal Republic of Ethiopia to resume the work of the joint border committees as soon as possible and to engage seriously in the process of completing the intensification of border signs between the two countries.


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