Gadarif, August 7 (SUNA) - The member of the delegated committee for farmers of Sudan Hamid Youssuf Abdel Latif said that the Sudanese Agricultural Bank agreed to implement the financing policy that was approved in the previous period.  He added that the Deputy Director-General of the Agricultural Bank Ezz-Edin Fageeri asserded that the bank would not deviate from the policy that was previously adopted. Abdullatif explained that the delegated committee held a meeting with the bank’s delegation on Sunday, where they discussed the agricultural insurance that was announced in the past days, assuring them that the bank’s authority will comply with the financing policy that did not include compulsory agricultural insurance.  The member of the committee also underlined that they would continue to address the issues of the agricultural season with the concerned authorities to make it a success, pointing to the efforts led by the delegated committee so far. It is worth mentioning that the committee has confirmed its intention to oppose compulsory agricultural insurance through all available means during the past days.

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