Kosti, Sept.21(SUNA)-Flooding of the White Nile has left  hundreds of families at Al-Makhada area at Al-Jebelain  locality in the White Nile State  homeless after  large parts of the area were inundated  and 138 houses were destroyed and that the families forced to make makeshift shelters  made from poor local materials .

Rainfall emergency committee at Al-Jebelain locality inspected Al-Makhada village  today  and provided  some  assistance to the floods-affected people there .

Interviewed by SUNA some people whose homes have been destroyed  by the floods called the federal and the state governments as well as  the national organizations  for urgent interventions so as  to provide aid to them. They aso called  the locality authorities to allocated another place for their current village which has been flooded over the past three years .



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