Abu Dhabi, Sept. 24 (Sky News Arabia) The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, noted that the military institution aspires to achieve a democratic transfer of power, indicating that the mission of the military institution is to protect the constitution and the will of the people.

In an exclusive interview with "Sky News Arabia", on the sidelines of his participation in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan considered that the solution in Sudan lies in the unification of political forces and the formation of a national bloc that believes in democratic transformation.

Al-Burhan asserted that his presence in the meetings of the UNGA is an opportunity to convey the voice of Sudan, and to remove the ambiguity and incorrect news that some are circulating about the goals and intentions of the military institution and the transitional government.

He went to say: "Since the change that occurred in April 2019 and the subsequent correction of course on October 25, 2021, the military establishment has been clear in its proposition that it wants to contribute to the democratic transition and the transition of Sudan to a future stage the Sudanese people long for.

He continued: "We do not work alone, but we work with local, regional and international partners, and we are all insisting on the stability of Sudan, so we hear to their views, especially the views of Sudanese political forces, which ask to be given time to arrange their situation."

 Al-Burhan pointed out to the positive look of the international community to the situation, indicating it must look at the forces that will participate in the future of Sudan with impartiality, stressing that the only way out lies in the unity of the political forces in a national bloc to form a government that leads the coming period, which will only be achieved by consensus a thing that the national forces aware of.

In his answer to a question about the role the United States plays in Sudan, Al-Burhan said: “We hear many countries talking positively about Sudan, but there is no actual response on the ground.” he stressed: “the army is continuing the reform process, which is the characteristic of the military institution, which derives its sustainability from the reform that will not stop, until we get a military institution that surrounded by all.”

Regarding the relationship with Ethiopia and the problem of the Tigray region, Al-Burhan said: "Many Ethiopians have taken refuge in Sudan, we deal with them as refugees, and they practice their businesses within a wide area", he indicated the need for peaceful solutions to the matter.

About the issue of the country’s debts, Al-Burhan noted: "Sudan has for many years been burdened with debts, the government in the transitional period has fulfilled many requirements that contribute to exempting the country from debts and starting to deal with international financial institutions.", he continued saying: "Sudan, like the region other countries has many conflicts and problems in the infrastructure, and we call on the international community to stand by us."


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