Khartoum Dec 11 (SUNA) - The Executive Director of the Union of Arab Exporters and Importers (UAEI), Sudan office, Mohamed Abdel-Rahim confirmed that the President of the Transitional Sovereignly Council (TSC)  will honor  the Sudan's  International Forum for Investment and Sustainable Development  organized  in  Khartoum by the Union  of Arab Exporters  and  Importers in collaboration  with the Ministry of Finance.

The Executive Director of the Union of Arab Exporters and Importers said at  SUNA's  Forum, today, that the forum encourages economists, companies and institutions to invest in Sudan.

The head of the Union of Arab Exporters and Importers, Dr. Amal Hassan Zaki, said that the future of Sudan is to be built by its people, and as  part  of all, we have initiatives  on health in addition to the initiative on combating  poverty and unemployment, asserting the participation of Arab and international representative besides  participants of 50 companies from China in the forum.  

  The Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Exporters and Importers, Massad Rashid, pointed to the Sudan rich manpower,  agricultural natural resources and livestock and that according to Rashid represents golden age for the union.

 Rashid unveiled the singing of agreements with Arab Investment Bank amounted to$10bilion, besides an agreement with Arab Investment Fund totaled  to $250 billion in  partnership  with the Finance Ministry.

 He pointing out that the advantage of Arab funds and Arab banks is that they are exempted from customs and taxes, stressing communication with Arab funds and with China and Turkey to benefit from the preferential advantage for investment in Sudan.

Rashid said that our plans for Sudan according to data, and we have 50,000 agricultural projects for export, and it will provide one million job opportunities in small and micro industries in the first year, noting that the Sudanese-Egyptian initiative aims to cultivate 3 million acres of organic cotton and build an industrial city in Gedaref, Gezira and the River Nile to manufacture and export cotton.

The Secretary General, of Economic Unity Council of Arab League, Ahmed Mohamed Al-Nai, praised President Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and the Sudan's government for their efforts, in creating a suitable climate for investment in Sudan, pointing to the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors for the renaissance of Sudan.

 He also praised the activitise of the Union of Arab Importers and Exporters in Sudan, wishing success for the forum to achieve its goals in the field of Arab food security, and directing Arab investors and Arab companies to establish agricultural projects in Sudan.


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