Cape Town, Feb.6 (SUNA)-  The African International Mining Conference started  Monday in Cape Town, South Africa, with the participation of leading countries in the field of mining,  besides  representatives of companies, organizations from different countries

Sudan participates in the conference with a delegation of the Ministry of Minerals, headed by the acting Undersecretary of ministry, the Director General of the Geological Research Corporation, Dr. Mohamed Saeed Zain Al-Abidin.

The head of Sudanese delegation stressed that the Ministry of Minerals is open with countries that have a history in mining technology, indicating that South Africa is characterized by an experience in the mining field.

He said that he would discuss with companies on the issues of modern technology, training and the possibility of forming partnerships on industrial and agricultural development field.

It is to be noted that the conference will be accompanied by an exhibition to introduce the capabilities of countries in mining and the technology used by major international companies.


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